AquaSol manufactures polysaccharide based rheology modifiers which can be used alone or in combination with other natural gums or synthetics for use as printing thickeners. AquaSol also offers an assortment of other products which are used in textile finishing plants.


Adhesive 32B

Adhesive 32B is a natural print table adhesive which holds the fabric in place while printing.

Kogum HS

Kogum HS is a economical starch ether thickener for printing textile dyes.

Aquaprint A7

Aquaprint A7 is a highly substituted starch ether used as a thickener for printing textile dyes.

Aquaprint 400R

Aquaprint 400R is a sodiumpolyacrylate textile printing thickener.

Aquajel 210XL

Aquajel 210 XL is an alkali swellable natural thickening agent for water based products.

Aquanese 150

Aquanese 150 is a high solids, starch based liquid used as a carrier starch for additives or in hand-building for cut and sew operations.