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A long history of innovation…

AquaSol was originally founded as Tillet Chemical in 1958 in a small plant in Pineville, NC. The business originally produced starch based dye thickeners for the textile industry, an application that remains part of the company’s core competency today.

In the early 1980’s, AquaSol expanded its markets to include starch-based derivatives for oil and gas drilling and also expanded its presence in the textile industry by developing new uses for starch-based polymers for its customers.

In the early 1990’s, the company adopted a new “green” manufacturing process and restructured its facility around this new process. The implementation of this new process eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals, increased product quality and reduced manufacturing costs.

Since 2005, AquaSol’s strategy has focused the company on a journey into new industries and new applications for its core businesses. In 2008, AquaSol outgrew its original Pineville location and relocated to a larger facility in Rock Hill, SC. With this move came an increase in production capacity and improved manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies.

Today, AquaSol’s dedication to innovation is stronger than ever. We continue to actively pursue new markets and applications and have the capabilities to produce not only starch, but also other naturally based polymer derivatives from pilot to full production scale volumes.

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