In today’s environmentally focused paper industry, building oil & grease resistance with traditional materials presents economic, recycling and repulping challenges to papermakers. AquaSol’s AquaBloc product series introduces naturally based products that provide OGR performance without the expense and typical penalties associated with traditional materials.


Fine paper and packaging coating formulations requiring water retention aids have often had to trade off water retention performance for viscosity. ASEs, HASEs and some natural thickeners are so efficient that sufficient water retention cannot be achieved due to limitations in viscosity of the coating. AquaSol introduces AquaFix, a new generation of bio-based water retention aids that provide superior water retention without the viscosity penalty associated with most water retention/thickening aids in the marketplace today.


  • 100% bio-based polymer
  • 100% repulpable, and recyclable
  • Water retention without viscosity build
  • Allows increase in coating solids without viscosity penalty
  • Customizable to build viscosity as required
  • Compatible with all existing coating equipment
  • Compatible with commercial thickeners
  • Improved coater runnability and higher speeds


Cationic starch has long provided benefits in papermaking, as a strength additive in the wet end as well as a surface-sizing agent for fine paper and paperboard. Most cationic starches used in the paper and packaging industries carry a very low charge until now.

Benefits of AquaFlocc

  • 100% bio-based polymers
  • 100% repulpable, and recyclable
  • Water treatment flocculant
  • Pigmented coating additive
  • Size press coating