AquaSol manufactures polysaccharide based rheology modifiers which can be used alone or in combination with other natural gums or synthetics for use as printing thickeners. AquaSol also offers an assortment of other products which are used in textile finishing plants.

Adhesive 32B

A table adhesive for use in rotary screen printing. Although it can be used in all types of printing it is the product of choice when printing highly alkali printing systems.  Read more

Kogum HS

An cost effective starch derivative which can be used for printing an assortment of dyestuffs.  Read more

Aquaprint A7

A very highly substituted polysaccharide. Aquaprint A7 can be used to supplement the more expensive guars and alginates to maintain quality while reducing cost.  Read more

Aquaprint 400R

A highly efficient synthetic liquid. Provides significant viscosity at low levels and can be used alone or in blends with natural thickeners as a rheology modifier. The product is especially useful in back thickening finished colors.  Read more

Aquajel 210XL

A cost effective starch derivative useful as a pad gel in the flash aging of vat dyes to improve variations in aging and prevention of staining on washing.  Read more

Aquanese 150

A high solids liquid starch for use as a hand builder and cutting aid. Aquanese 150 can also act as a carrier for other additives.  Read more

Aquacare AW

A low color hand builder for use as a hand builder and cutting aid. Sold as a powder it can be easily mixed with cold water.  Read more

Aquacare AW 25

A 25% solution of Aquacare AW.  Read more