Aquasol has developed a range of products for wet end and coating processes that offer alternative solutions to the paper industry


AquaBloc Series – Oil & Grease Resistance

Starch based AquaBloc products provide a naturally based alternative that deliver fluorocarbon and wax free oil and grease resistance. Products for flooded nip size presses as well as rod coaters are offered and are FDA approved for food contact. AquaBloc works as a single product to deliver oil & grease resistance replacing typical two or three component systems.

AquaFix Series – Coating Rheology/Water Retention

AquaFix series products deliver coating rheology modification and superior water retention without the traditional viscosity penalty seen with typical WRV agents. Viscosity modification can be tuned and varied independent of WRV to suit single or double additive systems.

AquaBond Series – Wet End Strength Additive

AquaBond series products augment cationic wet end additives for building strength in the sheet. When used along with cationic strength agents, AquaBond promotes additional wet strength and increases the wet/dry strength ratio. When used alone, these anionic starch products also increase dry strength. Unlike other starch products AquaBond series products are easy to work with and assimilate easily into a papermaking process.