In today’s environmentally focused paper industry, building oil & grease resistance with traditional materials presents economic, recycling and repulping challenges to papermakers. AquaSol’s AquaBloc product series introduces naturally based products that provide OGR performance without the expense and typical penalties associated with traditional materials.

AquaBloc series products provide excellent OGR performance while minimizing the viscosity impact in clear or pigmented size solutions. Products are available for rod/blade coaters and for flooded nip size press applicators. AquaBloc products provide excellent film formation allowing targeted OGR performance at low pickup levels.

Used in single pass coatings they provide low to moderate Kit values, but levels up to 12 can be reached with multiple coats. AquaBloc series products are designed to add minimal viscosity to coating solutions while providing excellent film formation and barrier performance.

The bottom line is value. AquaBloc series products provide economical, environmentally compatible alternatives to traditional OGR solutions through the use of natural bio-based polymers.


Fine paper and packaging coating formulations requiring water retention aids have often had to trade off water retention performance for viscosity. ASEs, HASEs and some natural thickeners are so efficient that sufficient water retention cannot be achieved due to limitations in viscosity of the coating. AquaSol introduces AquaFix, a new generation of bio-based water retention aids that provide superior water retention without the viscosity penalty associated with most water retention/thickening aids in the marketplace today.

AquaFix products can give water retention and can be custom designed to meet your viscosity requirements. They can achieve water retention levels not possible with other incumbent thickeners. High shear rheology performance is improved over higher viscosity thickeners and immobilization times are excellent. AquaFix allows greater coating design flexibility and allows a larger operational window to move to higher coating solids without compromising runnability performance. All AquaFix products are fully compatible with rod, blade, air knife and size press equipment.

The bottom line is value. AquaFix products provide economical, environmentally compatible water retention in coating recipes with the ability to dial in viscosity requirements.


Cationic starch has long provided benefits in papermaking, as a strength additive in the wet end as well as a surface-sizing agent for fine paper and paperboard. Most cationic starches used in the paper and packaging industries carry a very low charge until now.

AquaSol introduces a family of highly cationic starches with substitutions levels never offered to the paper and paperboard industries until now. These products provide unique and special properties that can be used in both papermaking and coating processes. AquaFlocc shows promise as a white pitch or stickies control agent in the wet end as well as in improvement in surface coatings for inkjet applications. AquaFlocc is so highly substituted it is in commercial use as a flocculant for settling total suspended solids (TSS) in wastewater applications in wood products and other industrial applications.

All AquaFlocc products are bio-based, 100% recyclable and repulpable. A pending Food Contact Notification (FCN) will allow their use in everyday food contact applications.

The bottom line is value. AquaFlocc provides economical advantages while being environmentally friendly. They can be customized to your desired performance requirements. AquaFlocc products are compatible for use in a variety of papermaking applications from the wet end to the coating and through to the wastewater cleanup system