Water Well Drilling

In addition to oil & gas drilling, AquaSol manufactures products for water well drilling as well. All products for water well drilling are NSF approved and provide cost effective and productivity enhancing drilling solutions.

AquaSol’s water well drilling products provide bio-based solutions for fluid loss control, shale inhibition when drilling in reactive shales, and low end rheology for hole cleaning.  The products function well as fluid loss additives in all water based mud systems including freshwater and sodium chloride and calcium chloride brines. All products are biologically stable and carry an indefinite shelf life when stored in dry form. AquaSol’s products are field proven to provide significant benefits to drilling operations over competitive products:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved drilling performance
  • Cost efficiency
  • NSF certification
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Aquabloc LC and Aquadril LC

Offer fluid loss control and suspension in water based and brine mud systems. Both products deliver excellent fluid loss however Aquadril LC provides additional viscosity over Aquabloc LC.  

Aquabloc LC TDS

Aquadril LC TDS

Aquabloc D and Aquadril D

Aquabloc D and Aquadril D provide the same excellent fluid loss and rheology properties as their LC equivalents, but offer the additional benefit of dispensability. These products are designed for environments where mixing capabilities are limited.  

Aquabloc D TDS

Aquadril D TDS

AquaVisc HDD

AquaVisc-HDD TDS

AquaBloc AW-25

Aquabloc AW-25 TDS