Other Industries

AquaSol began making thickeners for textile printing back in 1958. Over time we have developed other products for tangential thickening applications. Many of the problems we encounter require us to develop new products not commercially available in the marketplace.

Aquajel 216XL

A cost effective starch based thickening agent which mixes into solution easily without lumping. It can be used for a wide range of products from wallpaper paste to viscosification of detergents and cleaners. Read more


Aquacare AW

Is used as 100% active, water soluble powdered starch. It can be used as a spray starch for laundries or as a wallpaper paste and activator. Read more


Aquacare AW-25

Is used as a concentrated spray starch. The material can be shipped as a concentrated solution and diluted to the desired strength by the retailer or wholesaler. It can also be used as a wallpaper paste and activator when diluted. Read more


Aquaslick 100

A water based synthetic lubricant providing friction reduction and increased laminar flow. Read more


Aquacare 400R

A synthetic thickening agent. Read more