Oil and Gas

Aquasol has been supplying the O&G industry for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of products that are proven to decrease fluid loss, improve rheology and increase gel strength. Contact us today to find out how we can customize a product to meet your drilling needs.

AquaSol’s Oil field Drilling Products provide bio-based innovative solutions for fluid loss control, and shale inhibition when drilling in reactive shales as well as low end rheology for hole cleaning.  Our products function well as fluid loss additives in all water based mud systems including freshwater, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and calcium bromide systems.  AquaSol also offers products that will displace or eliminate xanthan gum in drilling mud formulations and provide excellent low shear rheology for hole cleaning.  All products are biologically stable and carry an indefinite shelf life when stored in dry form. AquaSol’s products are field proven to provide significant benefits to drilling operations over competitive products:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved drilling performance
  • Lower cost



Offers fluid loss control up to 250*f in fresh water and sea water drilling mud. It is biologically stable and provides low end rheology and gel strength without the viscosity penalty of PACs.  Read more  

Aquabloc HT

Provides fluid loss control to temperatures greater than 300F This product performs in most water based muds and is recommended where temperatures will reach 250F or higher or in high salt environments. Aquabloc HT will also provide low end rheology for hole cleaning. Read More

Aquabloc HT-E

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Aquabloc HT Series

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Aquadril offers fluid loss control up to 275F in most drilling muds but is made specifically to comply with Microtox regulations in Alberta, Canada.  Read more  

Aquabloc AW-25

Is a liquid fluid loss additive for situations where the mixing of powders is an issue. The product is already in solution and so no hydration time is necessary. Read more